Our August issue is out now!

Our August issue is now in the shops and available digitally. Features include:

Photostory: Heaven on Earth
A selection of images from a new exhibition by the celebrated landscape photographer Charlie Waite, whose images are renowned for the their restful, almost spiritual quality

Ultimate low
Nick Middleton travels to the world's coldest town, where de-icing the livestock is a part of everyday life and everyone owns a pair of fur-lined mittens

Dossier: Alien views                                                                                          
Mark Rowe examines the research on immigration to the UK and finds a more nuanced story than that which is commonly told by our politicians and mainstream media

Pier review
Extracts from a new book published by English Heritage that celebrates the distinctive architecture of Britain's piers

In the fly zone
Nick Haslam visits the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve in northern Spain, which is pioneering survey and conservation work on migrating birds

Essential gear: Two and two halves to the Malaspina
Erin McKittrick describes crossing Alaska's Malaspina Glacier with her husband and two small children

And don’t forget…
… our regular features including a round-up of the latest geographical and climate science news; a hotspot focus on Mexico; tips on photographing Land’s End; a Discovering Britain article about the unconventional beauty of estuarine Essex; an interview with Russian environmental activist Suren Gazaryan; and lots, lots more

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Pier Review

Some of Britain’s best-loved piers are undergoing multi-million-pound renovations. Others, like Eastbourne Pier, almost destroyed in a recent blaze, are at risk. Whether the future for piers is secure or uncertain, a new book showcased in August's issue celebrates their distinctive architecture and the pivotal role they’ve played in the history of British tourism and leisure.Read on

David Harvey

is one of the world's most influential geographers. Upon the publication of his latest book, Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism, he talks to Olivia Edward about his inspirations, observations and beliefsRead on

The green dragon awakens

China has achieved remarkable economic success following the principle of developing first and cleaning up later. But now the country with the world’s worst environmental record is changing its ways. Mark Rowe reportsRead on

Heat & dust

Offering guaranteed light, clear blue skies and interesting geometrical patterns, deserts are a photographer’s paradise – just beware the dreaded dust and sand, and don’t leave your camera in the sun, says Keith WilsonRead on

Skye three ways

Continuing his series of ‘micr